Module 1 Me the Change Maker

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Aim: To prepare you personally to step into the role of facilitating transformative change.

Your learning journey for Module 1 includes:

  1. Discovering your personality Type
  2. Understanding how your personality type influences the Change Process
  3. Discovering your personal preferences and focus as it relates to the Change Proces
  4. Using practices for growing in awareness of your Personality Type as it relates to the InnovationCircleTM

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(Audio 1.4: Module 1 is preparing you to work with the InnovationCircleTM. This module invites a deep dive into your personality and how this influences the way you work with change.
In discovering your personality Type we look at how our personality are activated by the three centres of intelligence.
We then look at how your personality Type preferences influence the movement or lack of movement that enables the 5 Stages of the IC.)
We introduce you to how your Change Focus stimulates change or blocks it.
The points are all necessary in order to develop awareness of how you take up you Change-Maker role.

The learning process is summarised in a Learning Journey. The 7 Journey Learning Activities guide you through the steps of the journey. Each Module is broken up into three specific parts: Pre-Work, Core Module and Post Module.

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The learning journey is depicted in this summary. It provides an overview of the different sections and is divided into 5 Journey Steps from 1.1. through to 1.5.

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To get the most from your self-paced learning experience we invite you to take on each Part fully.

Beginning with Part 1 Pre-Work:which is focused on discovering your Personality Type.
This is necessary preparation before doing Part 2 Core-Module: to take your learning into the ‘world’ the practice activity.
Part 3 Post Module: invites you to engage others in applying your insights and learning.

We are al together making things work. The InnovationCircle stages you go through in order to get the best results. You are the central influencer and changemaker in getting the wheel of the InnovationCircle work.

How you bring in your talents (Me), how you work with others (We) and how you succeed in getting things done together in society (All of us) demands for an integrated approach.

To begin with do you know yourself good enough? We all have preferences and skills that match a particular stage in the InnovationCircle more then the other stages.

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In relation to the InnovationCircle we’re making explicit how personality impacts the process of change and innovation.

To begin learning about the InnovationCircle we begin with you, as the Change-Maker.

Our awareness will impact will influence how we facilitate the process of change. The InnovationCircle as an approach looks at the human side of individual, group and community change. And you as a facilitator are also part of this human web of interaction.

Thus, we start with you as Change-Maker as we explore how people respond, engage and build connection and relationship with one another. 

Navigating Module 1 Journeys

Introducing the Three Centres of Intelligence that inform human Behaviour and indentifying your personality type

Personality types observations ans discocering your Personal IC Stage preference

Identify you Personal Stage Preference as Facilitator.