Module Journey 1.3

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We look in Journey 1.3 at three distinct focuses on change. Each focus looks at the inner preferences and capacities that we as a ""Change-Maker" bring in response to the process of change.

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The Change-Maker Focus helps us remember that we each have a necessary role to play that nurtures the process of change. If we can own our own change-maker focus and appreciate what others can bring, we activate the flow of the InnovationCircle.

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The Change Maker three groups are situated around the InnovationCircle.To get familiar with the Change-Maker specifics, their talented contribution, down load the Change Fucus pdf, to see which Change-Maker fits with your preferred personality type.How the focus of change-makers shows up in our behaviour. It can also become what we overuse as our preference. This means we lose awareness of the other Change Focus Groupings and Personality Types.

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We have three change-maker focus areas called:
Change Stabilizers – This is about organising a purposeful order to the process of change
Change Gardeners – This is about meaningful improvement that continues to stimulate the process of change.
Change Challengers – This is about adding dynamism to the change process. They push change forward.

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We are going to look at the results of our Module 1 Journeys in Journey 1.4

Navigating Module 1 Journeys

Introducing the Three Centres of Intelligence that inform human Behaviour and indentifying your personality type

Personality types observations and discovering your Personal IC Stage Preference