Module 1 Journey 1.2

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Now lets begin with Learning Journey 1.2 of Part 2.
Here we ask you to take some time to observe yourself and discover which Stages of the InnovationCircle you prefer. This has implications for you as you facilitate the process of Change. It is normal and natural to want to move quickly to our preferences, unless we become aware of our tendencies.

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Finding your basic Enneagram Personality Type is a process.

For some of us it is easier than for others. Only doing the Type sorter is not enough. For most of us it requires more exploration and reflection time.

We recommend exploring your primary (basic) Type through observing yourself. Take one week to make time for these two reflective questions.
1. At the end of your day, thinking about which inner qualities were you valuing.
2. Think about where you felt stressed today. How did stress show up?

After the 7 days of observing yourself with these questions. See if there is a pattern, some questions to reflect on:

  • Did you move towards the same Types over the 7 days?
  • Did you connect with a few of the Types more so than other Types?
  • Where your reflections consistent with your top 2-3 Type scores?
  • Did you arrive at any new or different insights about your Type?

Up to now we have explored the nine different Enneagram Personality Types.
Each Personality Type has a number and a name.
Now the aim is to place the personality types within the context of the InnovationCircle.

Working with the Types and their contribution to the process of Transformative Change, we have used names that are aligned to the talent or gift each Type brings to activate the 5 Stages of the InnovationCircle.
For example, Type 9 known as the Peace-maker is referred to as The Stabilising Team Networker. Type 1 known as the Reformer is referred to as the Precise Improver.

Enneagram names into IC names.png

Donload the InnovationCircle Type descriptions to deepen your understanding of the InnovationCircle  types.

The InnovationCircle places the type names inside the circle.

IC overgang 2.png

Here we see how the nine personalities are positioned in the InnovationCircle. Each stage acknowledges the human element of change. It’s not just about implementing tools and materials, it’s about how people respond and engage and build connection and relationship with one another. 

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For example, some people value Positioning and Choosing Direction because it interests them more. Others prefer the stage Bringing into Motion because they like to get into the detail of plans.

What is your preference? Is there a Stage of the InnovationCircleTM that stands out more for you? See the next jpourney.

Navigating Module 1 Journeys

Introducing the Three Centres of Intelligence that inform human Behaviour and indentifying your personality type

Identify you Personal Stage Preference as Facilitator.