Module 1 Journey 1.3

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As you begin Learning Journey 1.3 we look in PART 2 more specially at your stage preferences.

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Up to now we have looked at the Nine Personality Types and then placed them within the context of the InnovationCircle™ using the 5 Stages.

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It shows your type preference regarding the five stages of the IC. Take note of which Stage attracts you more so than the others. For example, some people value Positioning and Choosing Direction because it interests them more. Others prefer the stage Brining into Motion because they like to get into the detail of plans. What is your preference? Is there a Stage of the InnovationCircleTM that stands out more for you?

Audio: How you bring in your talents (Me), how you work with others (We) and how you succeed in getting things done together in society (All of us) is now much more focussed on your preferred IC Stage and the performance of your basic personality type capabilities. Anna is a Change-Maker who relates to Type 3, the Opportunity Shaper as her primary Type. This means Anna’s attention habitually goes towards the Stage: Choosing Direction.Unless she is aware of it, she may miss or impatiently work with the other Stages.

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It is good to have found your Type. If not still read through the summarised descriptions. We want to do an exercise that helps you see your preferences in relation to the other Types.

Please download and use the My Appreciation Map.

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When you have done the Appreciation Map score, we want you to do the following inventory for yourself.

Now look at your Type Appreciation Map.
1. Based on your plotting, identify your two favourite and denote it with a plus sign.
2. Similarly identify your least favourite and denote it with a minus sign.

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In summary this persons favourite types were Type 8 and 9, and least preferred were Types 1 and 2.

The invitation to us a Change-Makers is to become aware of how you experience the differences when you are in contact with the behaviours and qualities of that Type Preference. We do this, so you become used to looking at different behaviours with more neutrality.

Next to the Stage preference we going to look at journey 1.4 into your preferred style of making change happen.

Navigating Module 1 Journeys

Introducing the Three Centres of Intelligence that inform human Behaviour and indentifying your personality type

Personality types observations and discovering your Personal IC Stage Preference